…is all about encouraging you to make a few notes each day about how your day went. At the same time, it walks you through the process you will inevitably go through when you begin to look more closely at who you are, how you behave, and the things you can do to steer yourself more effectively through life.

The main emphasis is on increasing your level of awareness through the use of the written word. You can find more information about this in the post, ‘Write Stuff Down’. Basically, taking the time to write means that you are better able to see what happens, better able to process what happens, and better able to act in accordance with your desire to be whoever you wish to be. 

There are a number of resources available to help you:


The first eight Tiles are a representation of the eight areas you will experience at various stages of writing. They serve as a helpful guide as you proceed, and as a reference point for your own progress. Tile 9 is all about moving beyond the work of the Instruction Manual and can be seen in more detail at Tile9.nl.


Each Tile carries three single-word Elements. They bring further clarity and depth to the Tiles and are introduced in detail in the relevant videos. There are also blog posts (see below) categorised using the Elements, which add further layers to the Tiles as they shed more light on each Element.


37 videos are planned for this site, giving an overview of the process, as well as explanations of each Tile and each Element. They will be appearing steadily over the coming weeks and you will be able to find them on the relevant Tile pages. Together they will offer over four hours of insight into the areas you will inevitably experience as you write your own Instruction Manual.

Blog Posts

The 133 blog posts available here were originally published on C-volution.nl. They have been specifically chosen for the Instruction Manual and represent a fraction of the posts from the original source. (They also contain numerous links which will take you back to that first site.) The entries are especially useful for those of you who wish to deepen your knowledge of the whole process.


Jonathan’s own Instruction Manual comes in the form of his 650-page book, ‘Evolution By Natural Reflection’. It combines journal entries from his training days, with pieces written eleven years later. The two sets of writing create a powerful body of work which unites the theory of the various Tiles and Elements with the practice of his own development. 


In the Tile9 podcast series, Jonathan reads from his own book, stopping regularly to explain how it all fits into the Instruction Manual process. He also looks back on those original entries through the eyes of someone who is working their way through Tile 9. The podcasts offer an easy way to delve into the material out of which the Instruction Manual was born.